• To Honor a Claim
  • Jiah Sisco
To Honor a Claim
Written by Joel Fischer
Bow ties have been a long-standing tradition in men’s fashion. Unfortunately, recognizing the unique needs of our veterans and providing needed services has not always been in fashion.

More than a men’s furnishings company, Bowyer and Fletcher is proud to be a part of the social transformation that seeks to discard the stigma surrounding social services that confront veterans when they return from duty. Bowyer and Fletcher is proud to provide support to returning veterans by donating 5% of its proceeds to the Returning Veterans Project.

The Returning Veterans Project, based in Portland Oregon was created as a way for returning veterans and their families to find health services in confidential settings. They offer free confidential counseling and provide specialized clinical workshops to train volunteer health care providers.

We welcome you to join Bowyer and Fletcher in supporting the Returning Veterans Project by donating directly or volunteering.  

And don’t forget, you can feel confident in your socially responsible purchase because Bowyer and Fletcher donates 5% of all proceeds to the Returning Veterans Project.

Check out the Returning Veterans Project here.

  • Jiah Sisco