• Fit For a King
  • Jiah Sisco
Fit For a King

By Chioke Hart-Kelly

“The key is to look good with out trying hard,” or at least appear to look like you do not try hard. The fashion backward man who uttered this quote set off a frenzy: Men began trying hard to not try hard. I am here to tell you it is a lie! A colossal lie! Men who adopt this philosophy just look bad.

A gentleman takes great pride in his appearance even while wearing items you would not see in public. This is a cardinal rule of getting dressed and the very reason David Beckhams’s underwear line sells so well at H&M’s across the globe. It is of the utmost importance to dress and look your best at most if not all times.

Daniel Craig's suit fits perfectly!If you happen to be the best-dressed man in the room people will automatically think you are either going to or coming from somewhere better than you are now. With that said, the fundamental principal that I now live by when purchasing new attire is “Fit for a king!” Otherworldly, no matter your height, body type or measure, if you buy clothes that fit you will look better, feel better and be treated accordingly. It is really quite simple. 

Having your clothes altered is a must! If you shop off the rack like I do and your item does not fit how you want it too, take it to your local men’s consignment shop. They will measure and re-cut as your body demands. Most Suit Jackets have extra material so this should not be an issue. It goes with out saying, don’t buy something too small, as having too little fabric…well too little fabric is useless. Jude Law knows...

Being as comfortable as possible is something you should strive for. A wise man said, “You spend one hour a day in your car. You spend all day in your clothes. Spend accordingly.” If your garments are too loose you will find yourself constantly readjusting them so that you do not feel like a slob. You should not have to be conscious of your ill fitting trousers each time you stand up; this can be a nuisance and a distraction. You do not need wardrobe malfunctions to create hindrances and prevent you from focusing your full attention on what is at hand, whether it is work or play.

Essentially, if you look your best you, will feel your best. Clothes that were made for you just look better. It’s the silent way to demand respect. 




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  • Jiah Sisco