• They Will Come on Like Gangbusters
  • Jiah Sisco
They Will Come on Like Gangbusters

Summer was glorious while it lasted, and the fall has been enjoyable thus far but another cold and dreary winter is looming. As we shut ourselves in, seeking refuge from the elements that we dare not brave, we will soon get reacquainted with the comfort of our own homes. The honeymoon may not last so long for some of us and we will be coming over to your place and we demand to be entertained. Here is our succinct impromptu party planning survival guide.

Aside from the usual suspects of tablecloths and runners, we want to make light of which items can really prime your dinner party to be a rousing success.

Have an appetizers and starters cookbook handy and plan ahead. Sometimes notice is short, so you’ll need to whip up hors d'oeuvres in a hurry.

Insalata caprese is really fast and simple. Sliced tomatoes, topped with basil, fresh mozzarella with a drip of olive oil. To add some more punch to your caprese salad, you can finish it all off with a little bit of prosciutto.

Some other quick recipes include Gorgonzola stuffed mushroom caps, and easier still, smoked salmon slices and goat cheese over French bread, just to name a couple


Tip: A day before you get started on hors d'oeuvres, set your tables and arrange your furniture so that you aren’t trying to multitask while preparing snacks for your guests


A crystal set is elegant and timeless. If it is an antique set, it may make for a better showpiece because many were made with toxic lead up until the 1960’s. You can search for newer more functional crystal to keep the good times flowing. We are positive that your guests will be more than impressed with your sense of taste.

 Crystal Set

Speaking of spirits, you’ll want to keep an assortment of glasses on hand. For the beer drinker, there are pint glasses, for wine sippers, of course there are wine glasses and for spirits you should keep brandy glasses handy. Stay away from sophomoric shot glasses unless you want a frat house atmosphere. You’ll need something to put in those glasses, we recommend a decent bottle of white and another red. We prefer single malt scotch when a stiffer drink is in order. Glenkinchie, as well as Glenmorangie are a couple of our favorite Scottish whiskeys around.

Tip: No party is complete without some decent champagne; say for instance, Veuve Clicquot. It would behoove you to have a silver top hat ice bucket in store to keep the libations chilled for your soirée. 

 Melting Collection Ice Bucket by Maarten Baas for La Maison Ruinart

Apart from having enough dishware, you might want to consider gathering a few of these items. You can dig around your grandma’s attic or you can go to some consignment shops near you!

If you’re Puttin on the Ritz: Silver Salvers and Platters; they can be expensive but you’ll only ever need to buy one and besides being useful, they do not lose value. They look super cool and really give your engagement a touch of class without much effort.

Black bow ties; they’re classic. We like to make them a requirement at our shindigs. If you want to sport a white one as the host feel free, or you could dazzle with red, but black is the safe bet. Surely keep a spare one around for your wayward party goer. They provide great pageantry for your shindig and can keep the conversation going. Some people think it looks cool when the night winds down and you wear it loosely. Make sure they are self-tie, as clip on and pre-tied bow ties can look quite cheap and tacky.



If you follow our guide, even the swankiest of party guests will leave impressed with your sense of taste, style and sophistication.

We hope you have found our run down useful and we would love to join you at your next engagement.

Honorable mentions: Chargers can make a dinner party an exceptional one. They add so much to culinary presentation. Candles and candelabras create an extraordinary ambiance. Decanters for pouring wine and other specialty beverages.

  • Jiah Sisco