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by Jahmal Landers

As Labor Day approaches, we would like to reflect on the hard work and determination of past generations and what that means to us today. Labor day is an American holiday. In 1887, Oregon was the first state to pass a law making it an official state holiday. Labor Day is dedicated to individuals throughout our nation's history who have been committed to social and economic justice for the working class.

Today, America is trying to find its way to economic recovery, while staving off unemployment and the foreign outsourcing of jobs by American corporations. It's no secret that the US is no longer the world leader of manufacturing consumer goods, but there are still plenty of capable hands here. Numerous large businesses have elected to employ cheaper labor overseas, because they believe it is in their best interest. While people argue about the value of 'unskilled' labor in the US job market, many start-ups have decided to tap into the powerful collective of "makers" across the nation. 

American made goods are so valuable, not only in terms of quality, but also what they do for our community. Making a way for us to share dollars with fellow Americans. Buying "American Made," is truly an act of appreciation for the good people of our nation. 

That is why it is a point of pride for Bowyer and Fletcher to make our goods in the US. Not only are our ties, bow ties and pocket squares produced by Americans, but our boxes and our metal adjusters for our bow ties as well. We are fortunate to be surrounded by artisans and craftsmen who are committed to a high standard of excellence who are willing to help us create something special. 

Please enjoy your holiday weekend!

- Bowyer and Fletcher

  • Jahmal Landers