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Neckwear is an essential element of any true sartorialist’s wardrobe. While some of us share an affinity for bright colors, loud patterns and bold designs, we may not always feel confident enough to pull them off.


For the sake of this journey down fashion row, consider your suit as the frame to the artistic masterpiece that is your shirt and tie combination. Allow us to touch on some key style points to help boost your GQ.

Matching your shirt and tie is often suggested as the safe bet to create a decent vignette for your day wear. However, matching colors can be sophomoric and appear as though your mom dressed you. Let us discard the word “match” in favor of considering a “pairing” of your neckwear with your button-up.

Pairing different pastels such as powder blue shirts with pink ties, or the inverse, helps establish harmonious relationships and provides a great spring/summer look.

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Raise the stakes by using patterns, for example, a blue gingham shirt and orange tie work wonderfully together. The key is that each element draws the eye creating a competitive balance rather than one overpowering the other.

Italian men’s fashion experts, always relevant, stress the often overlooked nuance of texture as being just as important as color. Certain textures create their own intricate patterns, while adding a sophisticated depth to your look.


Tartan, striped and other multi-colored ties are so versatile because they can be used to highlight a corresponding color in your outfit. Still observing the shirt and tie pairing rule; multi-colored ties create a wealth of options by coordinating several colors of your ensemble.

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Brits are known for using pattern on pattern, which looks striking when colors are portioned properly. Use a beautiful tartan wool tie to pull out the subtle colors in your jacket, trousers or socks.

A white button-up is a blank canvas and a green light to sport the boldest patterns and loudest colors in your closet. When it comes to pairing your shirt and tie, everyone is an artist with a licence to thrill.
  • Jiah Sisco