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  • Jiah Sisco
Slow and Steady

Wildwood Bespoke is evoking the heritage of gentlemen's fashion, building one bespoke suit at a time. The man of amount hours behind each beautifully constructed jacket puts Wildwood squarely in the center of Slow Fashion's new wave. Offering something new to residents of the Pacific Northwest; you don't have to jet to England or even New York. Joe Mueller's vision of vestial excellence is unfolding in the City of Roses. We had the pleasure of catching up with the founder of Wildwood Bespoke, here's what he had to say:

photo by Holly Mueller

Talk a little bit about your background and the moment when you realized that you wanted to embark on this enterprise?

My interest in bespoke tailoring has its roots in an appreciation for fine craftsmanship of all kinds, which was instilled in me as a kid. My mom is an avid collector of beautiful art and objects from around the world, and while I resented getting dragged along to strange galleries and shops as a kid, I definitely obtained an appreciation by osmosis. The plan for a bespoke tailoring business started about five years ago when I returned home to Oregon after several years in New York City as a lawyer. I had come to love bespoke tailoring in NYC, and was disappointed with the options here.

So I notice that Wildwood Bespoke has a very serious approach to men's tailoring. It’s apparent from the selection of cashmere and worsted wool offerings, that you take no shortcuts and spare no expenses. I think it's great! Talk a little bit more about this approach and Philosophy.

Thanks for noticing! As I see it, there’s no point in putting 60+ hours into a garment unless the materials deserve that kind of attention. It’s also just another good way to differentiate ourselves from all the clothing white noise out there.

photo by Daniel Cole

Who are some of your influences and inspirations? Who in your personal lives has shaped your ideas about men's fashion? Who are some fashion icons or pop culture (past or present) figures that you you could see draped in Wildwood tailored suits?

Our main touchstone and inspiration is Savile Row in London, still the epicenter of bespoke tailoring. They marry quality and timeless style in a way that “fashion” brands don’t even attempt to emulate. My dream clients are pretty eclectic; I certainly want big-name athletes (bespoke is really a necessity when you’re seven feet tall), politicians, and the like, but my perfect day in the shop would be Congressman Blumenauer running into an awesome tattoo artist in my shop and stopping to shoot the breeze with each other. Like a great bartender or barber, I want to serve people from all walks of life, and to be someone/something that they all have in common.

As sartorialists, would you consider your styles to be classic or more fashion forward?

The great thing about bespoke is that every garment we make is essentially a design partnership with an individual client. Our own styles tend to run on the contemporary side of classic I’d say; I personally love suits with bold prints and patterns that really make a statement, but cut in a timeless fashion that will not look dated five years from now.

photo by Daniel Cole

Having been to legendary Savile Row in London and having a fascination for the deep and rich tradition that has been cultivated there, we really appreciate what Wildwood Bespoke is bring to Portland.

photo by Daniel Cole

Since December 2014, Wildwood Bespoke has been the finest suits in the city and building out their new home in downtown Portland. Very soon they will be opening their own show room. Visit their site for more details www.WildwoodBespoke.com

  • Jiah Sisco